Eyelash Extensions

We offer a breakthrough solution in cosmetics – eyelash extensions via the recognizable Nouveau Lashes ®.

The eyelashes styling treatment consists of sticking the silk lash or mink hair of proper curve, length and thickness to the natural eyelash.  The lashes are being stuck with a special medical adhesive which is very safe for the eye, durable and flexible, that is why it does not violate the natural properties of lashes and is immune to water, sweat and tears.

1:1 Method

2D, 3D (2:1, 3:1, volumetric) Methods

By applying it, the stylist is capable of getting the effects such as the „mascara”, „open eye” or visual lifting of the drooping eyelid.

Because the natural eyelashes, like any hair, have their own vitality, it is recommended to perform additional treatment of completing the refurbished lashes after about 3 weeks in order to maintain the effect of a full glamour.

We do not have to paint the stuck lashes because they provide an effect of perfectly put eye makeup.

Indications for the treatment:

Before the treatment we recommend the thorough washing off the makeup by using the oil-free preparations and washing the eyes with soap and water. If the client has a very bright natural eyelashes, it is recommended to paint them, at least few hours before the treatment.

If you dream about having the glance which attracts an attention, the eyelashes extension is a cosmetic treatment for You.


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