Trichology is a method of diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp.

In our salon a specialist in trichology conducts research, including:

  • Interview with the patient,
  • The assessment of the state of the scalp,
  • Analysis of the condition of the hair.

We cure:

  • Dandruff,
  • Seborrhoea, inflammatory scalp,
  • Hair loss,
  • Areata and androgenic alopecia,
  • Psoriasis.

We use state of the art solutions for the treatment of hair.

We conduct effective treatment using:

  • Oxygen infusion.

    The treatment consists of pumping highly concentrated active ingredients using hiperbaric pure oxygen to the deep layers of the skin.

    Price: 100 zł

  • Scalp needle mezotherapy.

    Price: 270 zł

  • Platelet rich plasma mezotherapy.

    Price: 700 zł

We use medicinal cosmetics of Spanish company DSD, a leader in products for the treatment of scalp and hair growth stimulation.

These products are based on ingredients which efficiency and safety has been confirmed clinically, and are based on scientific research.

Our trichology specialist will share more information about these exclusive products with you.


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