Permanent Makeup

The permanent makeup consists of applying the pigment shallowly into the epidermis via special device. This treatment is 100% painless. We offer the pigments in a wide range of colors, of the highest quality and which can be characterized as as durable and safe, non-toxic and ones that do not cause skin disorders or allergies.


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The treatment may involve eyebrows, eyes or lips’ correction, beautifying the face and simplifies the everyday makeup.

Our permanent makeup remains for 3-5 years and its durability depends on the natural properties of skin.

When the makeup begins to lose the saturation, it may be renewed anytime. The huge advantage of the renowal is a possibility of choosing completely new shape and changing Your own image.

In our beauty salon the permanent makeup is being performed by a qualified linergist – multiple contestant of Polish championships, holder of the second place in micropigmentation contest, the creator of Prestige Line Permanent method.

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Take a look at the effects of our stylist Ania’s work.


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